Thursday, April 1, 2010

Delicious Life.

Today I have made the decision to go public with my cupcakes.
I just designed some business cards and they arrived in the mail, all shiny and new.
So now that my website was listed on the business cards I feel that it's important I say something to my current..and new cupcake fans!

If I can tweak this blog to make it as pretty as my cupcakes, that would be great.

But here's my basic cupcake mission.

The original reason that I ever started making cakes, cupcakes and sugary treats was because I enjoyed the excitement and smiles on my family or friends' faces when I shared a treat with them. I honestly had no idea what it would turn into.

I went to school for fashion. I have a passion for writing and travel. I love to paint and sculpt things. I am terrible at math and science.

I was once fired from "Cookies By Design" in Green Bay, Wisconsin because they told me I could never do any better at decorating cookies.

But thanks to of someone telling me I could never do anything better, I found my true passion in life. I sought out to prove that something I was learning to love could be executed not just "better" .. but perhaps great! I am a big believer that no one can tell me that I "can't" do something.

I have a sweet tooth. I love art. I love painting, color, travel, photography, pottery, sculpting.
I love eating.

I have discovered my favorite canvas for art-cake!

All of my art is edible. Instead of painting a picture, I take out a pan and bake a cake.
I play around with fondant, glitter, candies, flavors, colors.

Most of what I have done so far has been free-or highly discounted. I haven't made a profit at all. Sharing my love of cupcakes and cakes with the world gives me something back that is priceless.

I have never seen anyone react to anything that I have done the way that people react to my cupcakes..and I have done a lot with my life.

The joy in the eyes of the cupcake beholder is what makes me feel so warm when I share my treats.

What is cuter than a little piece of artwork that you can eat, after all?

I could talk about my goals and all the things I need to get this business started.
But for now.. I'll just leave it simple.

I hope to tackle the world with sweet and delicious LoVe.


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