Monday, June 11, 2012

Fishing for ♥. A Wedding!

Being Amanda Cupcake isn't just about cupcake obsession. It's about you-the people behind the cupcakes. And that I get to meet so many of you, reach out to you, through a piece of me that has come from my big heart ♥. Through my cupcakes, I get to attend your events, share your special day, create a story that tastes like your very own dream come true.  

A few weeks ago, the cupcakes from my heart were about my friend Kati and her best friend Chad ♥  They were married. Their wedding was an event to behold-where love warmed the entire room, and you knew without question that they were two people in love.  If the rest of the world fell apart, they'd have each other and that would be okay.
Kati & Chad

Their  story-Fishing for ♥.
Hundreds of cupcakes.
Blueberry Velvet.
Sundrop Lemon.
Classic Chocolate.
Pretzel Stick Fishing Poles.

Little blue frosting "pond" swirls.
Do you want to catch ♥?
Or a delicious bass? (Swedish Fish, actually).

An enchanted evening....where you could even eat the sparkly lily pads floating on top of each cupcake.  Are you falling in love under the moonlight yet?

I stayed up late making bobber cake pops.  Fishing for hearts!  I dipped 100 cake pops in red candy melts.  As soon as the red dried, I dipped the top half of the cake pop in white candy melts.  While the white candy melts were still dry, I topped each one with a red heart candy bobber top instead of the traditional bobber top.

The grooms cake:
A pond. I swirled sky blue Americolor gel into the fondant to make it look like water.

And for a special surprise..

I filled the inside of the cake with a camo print. ♥

Kati's Cake was a mini chocolate wedding cake

She and Chad are cutting it here. I topped it with a glittery blue heart!

Kati and Chad's recipe for love:
(I snuck all this into the cupcakes I made for their wedding)!
(a chocolate coconut Amanda Cupcake)

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At June 12, 2012 at 4:03 PM , Blogger abby larock said...

Aww these are so beautiful


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