Friday, March 25, 2011

Bob's 60th Birthday Cake!

I had an unusual thing happen to me when I finished this cake.
I did not want to give it away.
I fell in love with the cake when I made it..and even though the story behind it had nothing to do with me at all...I almost cried when I left it behind with the customer!

For one I think it was because I didn't see the man who was receiving it actually receive it. I delivered it to his wife.

There was no room full of people greeting me with smiling and excited faces..
although his wife was really happy with it!

I love seeing the expression on peoples' faces when they receive a birthday cake or cupcakes from me!

Secondly, I think I was really proud of it.. and it told a story-about the family that I worked on it for.

It meant so much more than just a typical cake.

I was emotionally attached!

My inspiration: Vintage Baseball.
This was a framed photo I found at a Hobby Lobby, and my ultimate inspiration for this cake!
I took a cell phone photo as my brain filled with loads of creative ideas!

It's his 60th birthday! Had to add some celebration!

Some could compare this cake to...
  • a brown leather ottoman.
  • a wooden desk topped with his favorite memorabilia (and of course a birthday cupcake for his 60th!)
  • a brown leather wallet that tells where this man has been.
  • ..even a brown leather baseball mit!

A photograph of Bob is framed on his cake next to some vintage baseball stars.

I signed his "autograph" on the baseball.
When his family received the cake, they signed all of their names on it too, so Bob could keep the baseball to remember his birthday forever! I ♥ that story!!!! That's what I live for. :)

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks.....

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