Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Kitty Cupcakes!

I was going through some of my blogs and I realized that I never posted a blog on someone who is definitely unforgettable! Hello Kitty!!!!!!!

I am kind of famous for making Hello Kitty Cupcakes.

It started when I worked for Billabong and I made them for my boss's god-daughter.

They looked so lifelike and cute that my friend Jennie ordered some too for her daughter's birthday.

..and this past fall, I was given the chance to make a *huge* Hello Kitty Giant Cupcake for a sweet girl named Jen.  (who in the end I don't think ended up eating much of the cake because she thought it was too pretty to eat and wanted it on display!)

My inspiration for Hello Kitty cupcakes:

Hello Kitties sitting on fluffy marshmallow white flowers

Pink Adorable-ness.

A Garden of Daydreams.

If Hello Kitty had wings..she would look this cute!

Smiles, Sparkles & Stars.

Party in the front, Party in the back!

Mini Umbrellas and Giant Pink Bows.

Smiles, Sparkles, and Stars.

Ready to Shine.
Mountains of Love.
Islands of cute. and polka dots.

A Giant Cupcake Bouquet of Happy-ness.

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