Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Penguin Oreos ♥

Oreo cookies are fun and nostalgic. ♥
But what makes an Oreo cookie more fun than your average Oreo cookie?

When you turn it into a penguin.

and then turn it into a double stuffed wonder-by stacking an oreo that is also now a penguin on top of a cupcake.  Doesn't it make you feel double stuffed in that wonderful warm fuzzy happy kind of way? ♥

I like to triple or quadruple the the Oreo love.
By baking Oreos stacked on top of each other inside of a cupcake.
With (yes) a layer of peanut butter sandwiched in between each oreo.

Your tastebuds have decided to crash the blissful party that waits for you inside of a cupcake. 

You could just eat the Penguin Oreos by themselves.
It'd be like they are swimming in the cold arctic glaciers when you are dipping them in your tall glass of milk.♥ Maybe Oreo should sell these, boxed up in pretty packages at Christmas.

And for dessert..Penguin Cake Pops. ♥

Glistening with an edible arctic sparkle!
It's definitely a penguin party.

A few things you'll need to create your own Oreo penguins:
Oreo Cookies
Black Fondant
White Fondant
Orange Fondant (or orange starburst candy)
A Heart Shaped Fondant Cutter
A Small Circular Fondant Cutter (about the size of an Oreo)
Black Edible Ink Marker

1.  Roll out your three fondant colors to be about 1/8" thick.

2. Use your circular cutter (either a fondant cutter or cookie cutter) to cut out the black base of the penguin's face. You can skip this part if you want the bottom "black" layer of the penguin to be just the oreo.

3.  Coat the underside of the black fondant circle with frosting. Now you can stick your black fondant circle to the Oreo cookie.

4.  Use a heart shaped fondant/cookie cutter to cut out the white penguin face.  Coat the bottom of the white face with frosting and stick this to the black base of the penguin's face.

5.  Now you can make little triangles out of your orange fondant for the beak. I made these by hand, using an exacto knife.  You can also soften Starburst candies in the microwave for a few seconds and shape them into triangular beaks.  Again, use frosting as your "glue" to attach the beaks to the penguin face.

6.  Draw the eyes on with a black edible ink marker.

7.  I used a mini teardrop shaped fondant cutter to make the wings. Use frosting as your glue to attach the wings to the body. ♥

Now you have made your own penguin masterpiece! 

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At January 26, 2015 at 6:11 PM , Blogger CharliesCakeCo said...

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At January 26, 2015 at 6:12 PM , Blogger CharliesCakeCo said...

How far in advance can I make the Oreo penguins?

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