Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fantasy Wand Cupcake Forest!

What could get better than fluffy swirly frosted cupcakes?
Perhaps adding fairy wands?
The most important addition is the birthday girl.
None of this would exist without her. ♥ Alayna.

Enchanting ladies with dresses made out of frosting and butterfly wings!
Better than a cherry on top-a Birthday slumber party with your best friends.
Some of the best times I ever had involved slumber parties and cake.
So I took a little trip down memory lane and remembered what it was like to be a *girl* (not a woman)... but a *girl* again.  I kind of went crazy creating tulle fairy wand cupcake toppers out of lollypop sticks, fantasy colored tulle fabric and gems!

My inner fashionista draped dresses made out of frosting onto some pretty little cupcake ladies.

I am sure the cupcake ladies were happy to be wearing clothes! And pretty ones at that!

I thought a blue bow looked just as pretty as the typical fairy wand.

Edible gems ♥ made out of jolly ranchers.

Swirl Photography is the best.

An enchanted forest of tulle wands, frosting. You can even pick the gems off the cupcakes and eat them!

Frosting princess in the delicious enchanted forest.

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At May 10, 2011 at 7:55 PM , Blogger L.A. said...

I LOVE these!! When I was a girl, my grandmother made me a barbie ball gown cake~ 4 tiers carved like the bottom of a poofy dress, covered in pinched mini marshmallows... that's what these made me think of! VERY fond memory. Thanks :)


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