Monday, January 14, 2013

Cupcakes Make People Happy.

2012 ended two weeks ago, but I just haven't found the words to blog here about it until now.  And that is because it was an amazing year. Can you believe I was left sort of speechless?!  So I decided to start my blog with how I ended last year. ♥

You see these cookies? They are signature Amanda Cupcake cookies! Inspired by my cupcakes.  I believe in soft sugar cookies...that are little discs of magic when you bite into them. Swirled with pillows of frosting on top and glitterized with sprinkles and all kinds of edible gems. I made them especially for one certain boy in mind ♥

Kayden is the boy I made them for. ♥
This is his mom Tina.  She is one of my volunteers.
She's a single mom, who goes to college full time too.
And somewhere in the midst of all of this, she finds some time to help me in the kitchen.
Her favorite thing to help me make in the kitchen is my frosting!

This is Tina at my Cupcake Mansion.
She does laugh the whole time she helps me make my frosting.
On a more serious note..she told me right before Christmas that her hot water heater had died, so she had to use whatever money she had to buy a new one.  Because of this, Kayden wasn't going to get any new presents, she was going to wrap one of his old fire truck toys to make it look like new and put it under the tree. I thought for sure I could do something, now that I live in the Cupcake Mansion, a place where people come from everywhere to eat cupcakes.

This was my Facebook post on my Amanda Cupcake fan page, and look at all the thumbs up.  Everyone in New London and the greater area wanted Kayden to have a Merry Christmas too! The best part after this Facebook post was when Tina surprised me by knocking on the door of my cupcake mansion that night.She just wanted to come and give me a hug :).

So people came in, one by one bearing gifts.
And in return I fed the town of New London cupcakes ♥

I liked these special handmade ornaments that were especially custom made for Tina & Kayden because they will tell a story even when Kayden outgrows all his toys.

On Christmas Eve ♥
I gave him all his presents donated from the town of New London..and some donations even came through the mail from other states! He didn't open them on Christmas Eve though, I made sure to pile them all in a big bag-so he could unwrap them all on Christmas morning!

♥ This picture makes me smile, and giggle a bit. But shows that cupcakes are a wonderful medium to make a big difference in one person's life. 

Like a kid in a cupcake shoppe, I let him pick whatever treat he wanted. He dove for a signature M&M sugar cookie!

This was Kayden's variety pack (his selections from the cupcake mansion)...
Some of my best cupcakes of the year:
♥A chocolate Snowman that I built out of frosting & oreo cookies
♥A chocolate peanut butter Rudolph with a shiny m&m nose
♥A sugar cookie that looks just like a cupcake
♥A Cupcake with a mini sugar cookie on top 
♥A Chocolate Mint Hug Cupcake with a thin mint baked inside
♥A Chocolate Peanut Butter Gem

I thought the best way to wrap up 2012 would be to focus on one big goal that I turned into a reality right at the end of the year.  I've always wanted to use cupcakes as a medium to make a difference in someone's life.  I have this huge dream of committing random acts of cup-kindness all over the world.  Some would say I am cupcake obsessed.  This is the reason.  The wonderful people that I meet and make smile, the lives behind the cupcakes.  This story says it all, and the fact that I was able to use my cupcakes to make someone truly happy..means that this dream of sending hope out into the world through well on its way ♥ Welcome 2013. A year of cupcake hope!

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At January 15, 2013 at 1:37 AM , Blogger Caroline Cakewise said...

Darling Amanda, this is an AMAZING story. I ADORE that you are using your cupcake magic to make this gorgeous little boy and his absolute superheroine mum smile! :) You are such a cupcake wonder woman, and this story totally warmed my heart. Happy New Year to all three of you! xxxx


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