Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Summer of Love......

I never would have guessed that this would be my "Summer of Love".

In the beginning of the summer, I was facing a pretty harsh breakup. One of my status updates on my personal Facebook back in May said something like, "I need someone to glitterize my heart." Sadface.

Red Velvet Cupcake Hug for me?! :(
(I made this for a friend, but I totally could have used one myself!)
Well ladies and gents, you better be careful what you wish for.
My heart was glitterized this summer.
Maybe not by my own summer fling or a rebound romance..
Instead my cupcake heart was invited to attend a wedding as a cupcake caterer almost every weekend this summer!

(I was even in my friend's wedding. I'm one of these ladies here and it's pretty easy to tell which one I am. Look for the glittery heart).
(awesome California photographer btw: Stark Love Photography)


Gradually..with each sweet wedding tale... my heart began to patch itself up.  It's almost September now, and I feel vibrant, alive, and glittery again.  Like my heart never lost it's sparkle. (hmm just in time for some Hologram Gold Fall sparkly-ness, perhaps)?

Thank you to each unique wedding I attended. I have witnessed how much love is out there in the world. It seems there is quite possibly enough love out there left for me ♥.

This blog entry and my next few blogs are going to be dedicated to the couples of my summer that glitterized my heart again.

So I want to say a thank you to...
Sarah and Joey
for sprinkling my heart with their sparkles.

(photos of Joey/Sarah courtesy of DanWoolf photographer extraordinaire)
My description of these two: Fun, Young, Insanely Sweet. When I had my first consult with them I thought.."Wow, these two are so lucky that they have found a best friend in each other."  It's just the vibe that I got from them, and I don't think my instincts were wrong ♥.
Joey and Sarah were married at *the* Lambeau Field in June.♥
This was my entrance to Lambeau Field. I had to load the wedding cake and cupcakes here to cart it up into a top secret elevator.  I felt like a cupcake spy. ♥ The security guard guy even gave me a tour of the stadium VIP status!
The Lime Green, Pink and Navy Blue Three Tier Wedding Cake made it safely. Phew. 
I love that the bride & groom requested Funfetti as the flavor of their wedding cake.  I thought adding giant, oversized tissue paper flowers would be way more "fun" and celebratory than the typical fondant perfection wedding flowers ♥.
Cupcakes to match the cake ♥
(Americolor Gel Colors: Electric Blue, Electric Pink, Electric Green)
Flavor: Cocktail Cupcakes (Lime Margarita).
Wedded Bliss In a Cupcake ♥.
A quote from my instagram, "Reminds me of the cosmos."
Sarah's request: Multi-colored swirls of Frosting that make the cupcakes look like they jumped out of a Dr. Seuss book!
Sparkly Blueberry Velvet Cake Pops.  The flavor even matches their wedding colors!
Joey's fave:  Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter ♥
What bride doesn't love a pink sparkly cake pop?  I wonder if Sarah and Joey exchanged sparkles in their kisses ♥
I bet some of the cupcake sparkles and/or crumbs I delivered for Joey & Sarah are still lingering in the Lambeau Field breeze. :)  Hooray for touchdowns. ♥
Joey and Sarah..this is the glitter you left lingering on my heart---a quote by Julia Child:

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