Friday, July 16, 2010

Margarita Cupcakes

I made some Margarita flavored cupcakes for my friend's event tonight.
My roommate said they were the best I have made yet!

The cake mix was made from scratch--
a few of my yummy additions in the cake mix included margarita drink mix and lime juice.

The frosting was even more of a surprise-lime juice, itty bitty shredded pieces of lime peels, margarita drink mix...and Tequila!
Of course I rimmed the cupcakes with faux salt. (Sugar for sweetness-probably better than salt for a cupcake!)

I made regular size and mini margarita cakes.
The margarita cakes were definitely a hit-and there is just something about the mini cupcakes that everyone adores!

Some would say that they felt a little happy "buzz" after eating too much of the frosting :)
Again..cupcake love to the rescue!


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