Monday, March 14, 2011

Rosewater Cupcakes

My friend Amy was having a little party at her house this last weekend.
It was a candle party.
So I thought I should make something elegant..and pretty.
But still delicious.

Rosewater Cupcakes!
What do they taste like?
Like you are picking a rose out of your garden and eating it with some sugar, lemon, and fluffy-ness.
Sort of makes me think of a fairy tale..or something Alice In Wonderland would do.
Eat Rose flavored cupcakes!

It was a different endeavor for me, but nonetheless-a success!

Amy devoured her mini rosewater cupcake and I heard a muffled "MMMMMMMmmMMMM" in a mouth that was full of cupcake and lemon-y buttercream frosting.

My favorite part of creating cupcakes for people is watching them get lost in this cupcake trance as they enjoy the fabulous delish.

Let me describe this cupcake trance:

The eyes glaze a little and stare into space.
Suddenly, beautiful music plays in your head.
All you care about  is the "oh" moment of the indulgence. ♥
This is one reason out of thousands to love life.

Tastes like a rose with light lemony frosting & a sparkly rose petal floating on top.

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At January 6, 2012 at 11:24 AM , Anonymous Jill Hileman said...

Rosewater cupcakes are the ones I want at my wedding, whenever I decide to get married!


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