Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snack Attack! Orange Kitty Pops

My friend Julie has a cute little orange kitty named Snack.
Snack got his name after Julie's giant dog Buster tried to eat him when Julie first brought Snack home.
Ever since, Snack has been a mischevious ball of fire & fur, and even though he can be naughty...he has brought a lot of love to Julie's life-as well as the people around her!

Julie wanted to surprise some little friends of hers with some adorable orange kitty cupcakes.
I suggested cake pops because they are so much fun, and can be so lifelike.. ♥

So on a Friday afternoon, I surprised two little girls at their front door with a "Snack Attack."
Six orange kitty cake pops inspired by Julie's little kitty Snack. ♥

I love spontaneous cupcake deliveries. They are so much fun.

All aboard for an adorable debut!

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