Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sushi Cupcakes for My Brother

When I lived in California and would come back home to visit my family, my brother and I would always steal away on a "sushi date."

He eats more sushi in one sitting than anyone I have ever seen while having some pretty deep conversations, and holding chopsticks!  When he came out to visit me in California, we ate sushi almost every single day.

And for his birthday this year..on St Patty's day I made sushi in the form of cupcakes for dessert!

Sushi dinners always have beautiful garnishing which inspired this "Jolly Rancher" sculpture I created ♥

The faux avocado is a chopped up gummy worm!

The fish eggs are jelly bellies!!!

The "tuna" is a melted jolly rancher.
I melted it in the oven at 350 in a metal rectangle fondant cutter.
When the jolly rancher rectangle was still warm, I arched it to look like a piece of tuna sushi!

This isn't real salmon.
I molded and painted fondant to look like salmon!


I bought little grass garnishes from Nakashima's-where we had my brother's birthday dinner

My brother eating the sushi cupcakes with chopsticks!!

My little leprechaun niece said she wanted "the orange one!"

The only time my dad will ever eat sushi. When it is in the form of a cupcake!

My 2 year old cutie nephew Griffin eating a sushi cupcake!

My niece Gaia decorating her sushi cupcake..
following in my foosteps perhaps?!?!
I would be thrilled to be her inspiration.

Her finished creation.

I *adore* this picture of my nephew about to eat the sushi cupcake!

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At March 25, 2011 at 11:11 AM , Blogger Caroline Cakewise said...

Ah you are so incredibly creative!! These are AMAZING! And your pink rose petal ones really made me think of a fairytale princess's tea party-just incredible. And thanks so much for your email of that beautiful 60th birthday cake. For some reason it made me tearful -so much feeling and so many memories seemed to have gone into making it, what a lovely email to get!! xx


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