Monday, June 4, 2012

Do you want S'more?!

Can you tell I keep coming back for S'more?
This is the Amanda Cupcake S'more Hall of Fame:
(I can't believe I did all this in a year....)

The S'more Sparklette.
Summer Nostalgia in a cupcake. ♥
See the recipe and try it here.

The Inverted S'more Pop.
(A Marshmallow Stuffed with Chocolate Cake, Hershey Bars, dipped in chocolate, sparkling with graham cracker crumbs).

The Jelly Belly S'more Cupcake.
Inspired by Jelly Belly's Cupcake Contest.
Toasted with marshmallow Jelly Belly Beans♥
See the story here.

I find it awesome that I sent out 15 S'more Sparklette Cupcakes in a jar to my friend in Texas last year. ♥

And now I have created a new S'more thrill.
S'mores on a stick♥
Yes, there's so much love in between these graham crackers that the marshmallows are spilling out the sides. ♥ This much sticky mushy wonderful love cannot be contained.

Unspoken S'more Code:
It's okay to get sticky.
It's all part of the process.
S'mores don't need to be perfect, they actually taste better when they are a beautiful disaster.

I broke my graham crackers into little vertical squares and placed them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.   I topped the graham crackers with mini marshmallows because I figured the regular marshmallows would practically explode once I put them in the oven. The future s'more pops bake in the oven at 350 for about 5 minutes, or until the marshmallows start to fluff and turn golden brown on top. ♥

Curiosity killed me. There is something really fun about seeing marshmallows fluff up to XXL size.  So I also made some s'more pops with regular sized marshmallows.  This is how puffy the marshmallows are after being in the oven for just 5 minutes! ♥

I immediately insert a lollipop stick into the warm marshmallows.

I smoosh the marshmallow between 2 graham cracker squares on the pan and let them cool. ♥  The sticky-ness of the marshmallows is like glue. The stick and the graham crackers will all stay together once the s'more pop cools. 

I dip my s'more pops of love into melted dark chocolate candy melts and sprinkle them with disco dust sparkles.  As you can tell, this s'more pop was made using one of my giganto marshmallows.  ♥ it.  If you really want to have fun like the big kid that you are, use the regular marshmallows and make a mess!

Sticky Gooey Sparkly Chocolatey.

The way S'mores started.
On a Stick♥.

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