Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lizard Cake Party

You are your own imagination.  You know..the one that is over the top wild when you are a child?  I believe it's always there..even when we are adults. (or perhaps, big kids?)
We just have to embrace it.

 I threw a lizard birthday party.
On top of a cake.
With sprinkles and candles and swirls and swags....


 Lizards crawling up and down the cake..
like lizards do.

I used an exacto knife to handcut little lizards out of fondant, and invited them to the birthday party. VIP status.

Here they are...alive and ready to party!
The little spikes are made out of Wilton candies and glued on with candy melts.  (You can buy the little pointy spike looking candies in the cake aisle at any craft store).  It isn't a party without sparkly candles and colorful sprinkles.  Don't we make our most hopeful wishes when we blow out the candles?

In my imagination, this is what lizards look like as cake pops.  I had one rule for myself-and that was to make the first thing that popped into my mind when I thought..Lizard & Cake Pop. My favorite thing are the little pink spikes that doubled as lizard tails.

I forgot to tell you..
I was giggling practically the whole time I was decorating this cake, it made me so happy.  And you are join this happiness right along with me. ♥

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