Monday, February 3, 2014


I made this Red Velvet Cupcake Hug for a friend a few years ago, when he lost his dog.
(Yep, the word is edible-handwritten by me onto parchment paper out of red candy melts).

I have a dream for this Cupcake Hug. For it to change the world.

And last week, The Cupcake Hug started to mean even more to me than it ever has.  I'd like to think that it has the power to help fight cancer. I'll explain.

I was actually going to write about the Cupcake Hug last week when I really needed one myself, but I couldn't come to terms with what to say.  Two weeks ago, my sweet Uncle Burt was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He was my mom's brother, my dad's best friend, a husband to my aunt, a father, a grandfather.  He was here and gone in a matter of 4 days. His memorial was last Thursday. Not even a week ago.  I traveled to see him 2 days before he passed. We shared hugs, and one of the first and last things he told me in my visit was, "I Love You."  

I have never had the chance to say good-bye to someone when I knew that I'd never see them again here on this earth.  I remember whispering to my mom in the next room, "How do I do this?"  She told me to do whatever was on my heart. So after our "I Love Yous" I chose not to say good-bye.

I said, "See you later."
And I drove back to Wisconsin in a haze.

Even through my misty eyes on the drive back home after this farewell, I realized that my last memories with my Uncle Burt were rare beautiful gems.  Memories that everyone wishes they could have with the one they love before they have passed away.

The grieving process initiates thoughts.  One thought I had never put together until now-was that almost everyone on my mom's side of the family has fought cancer.  My mom fought cancer and won.  Her sister fought cancer and won too.  Sadly a few years ago my mom lost her sweet younger sister Rachel to cancer (she is missed everyday).  My mom sat with her own mom until she took her last breath after a battle with cancer.  My middle name "Marie" is named after my mom's favorite aunt who passed in her thirties from cancer. In my moments of grief, I can see more than ever now that I am not immune to cancer either and that I need to do some possible genetic testing, and be aware of my health more than ever.  The thing one is immune to cancer.  I just have to believe that the more positive we all are, and the more we fight against this evil with good..the more likely we are to conquer the villain that is cancer.
..and that is where my dream of The Cupcake Hug comes along. Bigger and brighter and bolder and with more passion than EVER.   I've always dreamed of creating my own non-profit organization called "The Cupcake Hug" and using the organization to go out and do amazing non-profit things to change the world through the idea of cupcakes. Hopefully this organization will happen someday.

But until I reach that success, I'd soon like to start a line of cupcakes at The Cupcake Mansion or maybe even my other retailers called CUPCAKE HUGS.  A portion of their proceeds will help someone or an organization that helps others with cancer...and I am sure more things that touch my heart in the future.  But to start..cancer is on my heart.

The Cupcake Hug is inspired by..
♥All of those with broken hearts or ailments that only a hug will heal.
♥The woman who visited me at my cupcake shop crying, telling me that she just lost her mother so she just needed an Amanda Cupcake cupcake.
♥My mom who has fought cancer, and is now also fighting Parkinson's Disease. She could be your mom too. My Uncle Burt could be your Uncle too, your best friend, your husband, your grandfather. My mom's sister Rachel could be your younger sister too. 
♥The warm happy feeling you get when a friend gives you a cupcake and everything feels ok for a moment.
♥The superhero side of you who wants to make a difference.

Look for the Amanda Cupcake, Cupcake Hug to launch soon ♥ (wthin the next month, as soon as I find the right first organization to benefit).  I just thought World Cancer Day (happening in about 5 minutes) would be a good time to announce my plan to make a change close to my heart with all that extra glittery love on my cupcake creations.  The true reason I started making cupcakes in the first place.

This blog dedicated to my Uncle Burt. I named my new Hobart mixer after my Uncle Burt so he'll live on forever through all of my baking. The mixer was given to me as a surprise gift (with an awesome love note) the last day I saw my Uncle alive. ♥

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At February 6, 2014 at 3:29 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Adorable! Looks delicious!

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At May 12, 2014 at 8:12 PM , Blogger Sara said...

I'm sorry for your loss Amanda. I love the idea of the cupcake hug, at some point or another, every body needs a cupcake hug. Keep on baking!


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