Friday, November 19, 2010

Thirteen going on 30!

My friend Jennifer and I used to dance to New Kids On The Block in my living room when we were thirteen. This is when I thought I was going to marry Joey.  Jennifer and several other of my friends would fight over Jordan.  And Donnie was the bad boy. 
It doesn't even seem that long ago.

I realized how long ago it was when Jennifer contacted me to create cupcakes for *her daughter* (Ana) that was turning thirteen! Gasp!

Feeling nostalgic, I whipped up the sparkly pretty dreamy cupcakes I would only dream of seeing before my eyes on my thirteenth birthday..for Ana.

The best part...the newly thirteen year old Ana called me in the midst of her party to tell me how much she loved the cupcakes!  I guess my inner 13 year old is still very much alive!


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