Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cassie Joy "sweet"

I have a really sweet friend. Seriously. Her name is Cassie Joy Sweet.
She is 19 years old and full of dreams & talent.

She is a redheaded photographer extraordinaire with a fun sense of humor.

She took this picture of my buttercream frosting ♥

But Cassie has found her calling.  She and I have something in common.  Sharing sweetness with the world.  We both want to open a bakery someday.  This is her famous pb&j cupcake which I want the recipe for! I just LOVE the heart shaped sandwich on top of the cupcake!

Her Oreo Cupcake. The sweet disco cherry inspired by Amanda Cupcake! I love how she adds glitter and stars to all of her cupcake photography.

A photo she took of my miniature lemon love note cupcake. ♥

Cassie is my "assistant" in the kitchen when I have huge orders.
Her very own version of the S'mores Sparklette! LOVE.

She asks people what their favorite desserts are and then makes a cupcake out of it! Like this lemon meringue pie cupcake.

She and I have had our adventures together.  Being a cupcake maker is like being a scientist.  Everything is an experiment. This "sad cupcake" evolved from me using too much baking soda/powder! Oops.  So we made it fun adding the sad face.  You can't take things too seriously! After all, it's a cupcake!

She made me this adorable sign to remind me of that.

You can find more of Cassie Joy Sweet's adventures on her Flickr or on her Blog. ♥ The world needs to know her. And I am pretty sure they will!

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