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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Very First News Article ♥

(You might need to zoom in on your computer to read or go to this link: The Waupaca County Post online.....I just enjoy having an actual clipping of it on my blog!)

Photos from the article:


  1. This turned out to be a really great article! It is interesting that you were in fashion at one time. No wonder you like my work because I think about lace, buttons, etc when I doodle a lot of my designs. Very cool article! I am glad you have found your calling. I am sure it is very satisfying!

  2. wow! congrats :-)

    i have just come across your blog, and having an interactive bakery/cafe is a huge dream of mine too. with awesome music, craft love, places to knit, cakes to eat...people to chat to...<3 x

  3. Thank you so much ladies! I am so glad both of you also have great dreams and are chasing them. ♥ That's what life is for. It's short, so follow those *sweet* dreams.