Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mama Cupcake

I can't believe it. I am about to be a mom.
I am 37 weeks pregnant with my little baby cupcake!
This pregnancy  has been a blur.
While growing this person, I've grown as a person (and not just my belly either).

♥My hubby and I got married & made this little baby on our wedding night in September (surprise)!

♥So then...we moved into our first home.

♥In January/February we all (my hubby, me, my little baby bump, my dad & brother) helped my mom fight for her life (and we won!)
...So I guess my body decided I needed a nap before my little one arrives.

I've been on bed rest the last week-ish, due to my heart rhythm going a little wild from all the crazy changes to the circulation in my body (afib/high blood pressure episodes). I just say that my blood is pumping so much glittery love for this little girl I've gotten to know so well since our wedding back in September.

Just for now...no cupcake baking for me..
Other than the mini cupcake baking inside of my baby bump.
I think that's enough for now, right? ♥

So even though my pregnancy hasn't been a "piece of cake"... sitting here, being still and reflecting right before my baby girl makes her debut, I would like to tell her some things:

To my daughter:(eeek, yes I have a daughter!)

You are loved.
While you've been growing in my belly, your aunt & grandma threw you a circus themed celebration where 35 of our best friends showed up to "sprinkle" you with love. Your dad & I left this circus tent up for over a month after the celebration in our dining room for several "fancy" dinners. The tent was made using dollar store tablecloths!

You are surrounded by happiness & wild imagination.
This duck/walrus/unicorn pond was one of my favorite games at your celebration. I didn't want any super cheesy baby shower games. I wanted cute and colorful and happy-ness everywhere. You are going to be surrounded by a life of vibrant imaginative "bubbly" joy.

Unicorns and Disney and Sparkle Shoes in your nursery. ♥

I hope you like to bake with me.
I made your first party treats already. Over the top, over sprinkled, bedazzled cake pops.(I call them "amazeballs"). You probably won't remember, but you tasted them with me! I am looking forward to the day you create a beautiful mess of sprinkles, glitter, gooey cake batter & wipe your sticky frosting fingers all over our kitchen.

I sit in your nursery and imagine what your face will look like looking up at me from your crib.

Last weekend, a whole group of "fairy godmothers" came over and covered a wall of your nursery with hologram silver glitter.

Now that your nursery is done, it is my favorite room in the house.
When I need to relax I sit here in your nursing chair, read your children's books and imagine what it will be like when you are in the room with me! Right now it is so quiet. I know it won't stay that way for long. ♥♥♥

Your dad is sort of a nerd. ♥ In the best of ways.

(He is practicing carrying you in the Baby Bjorn here).

He really wanted you to have a Star Wars themed bedroom.
This Boba Fett print we have hanging up in your room is your dad's little touch. ♥

It's about to get real.
This is you...covering your face.
I always tell the ultrasound technician you cover your face because you want to surprise me with what you look like! Are your lips really going to be voluptuous Angelina Jolie lips like this? What are your sweet eyes going to look like when they gaze up at me with hope?
You are wiggling in my tummy right now. I can see your feet kicking. I always tell people that when you roll around in my belly I can feel your energy...it is almost like I can feel your personality! And you are a wild one. In the best of wild ways.

Soon we will meet. And neither of us know exactly what to expect. ♥ But when we exit the hospital sometime in early June, I won't be the only one leaving a trail of glitter behind anymore! You'll be there too.
(coming home outfit from Etsy shop Skylar & Me)

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