Monday, July 12, 2010

Candy Land Castle Cake

The Candy Land Castle Cake I created this weekend was probably one of the most fun projects I have completed so far. Right now it is sitting in my apartment looking all pretty with no place to go! (I made it for fun. Yes, while my roommates went out to play on Saturday night, I was in the kitchen creating fondant and candy wonders for this edible fantasy land).

Here are the details...and of course photographs!

The Bricks: Jolly Ranchers and/or Chiclet Gum
The Stones: Rock Candy and Mini Marshmallows
The Frosting: Fondant & Buttercream
The Flowers: Buttercream Frosting
The Water: Blue Piping Gel
Pointed Towers: The four points on the towers are cupcakes.
The back tower point is made out of a sugar cone and covered with melted candy.
The actual tower is made out of fondant & ice cream cones.

Amanda Cupcake


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