Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Believe In Pink

Yesterday I went to go visit my friend Andra. We have been friends forever, sure...but that isn't the biggest reason I went to see her.

Andra owns her own salon in Phillips, WI. Her business is called Hair Design by Andra ~ located at the Rejuvenation Station right off of Hwy 13.

Andra is a bubbly, sweet girl.  She has always had this magnetic personality that everyone is attracted to.  Now she's using that amazing personality she has to promote a positive purpose.

Andra shaved her head! In the name of all those who are battling or have battled cancer!
Her inspiration was her friend Debra who is currently battling breast cancer. Debra made a star appearance at the salon and stood right by Andra's side the whole time.

First, I delivered a special hug from my mom who has won the battle with cancer.  My mom still misses my Aunt Rachel (my mom's younger sister)  who passed away from cancer a little over a year ago. 

my radiant Aunt Rachel

While I watched the crowd gather around in the salon, people felt comfortable enough to open up & share their stories about their experiences with cancer.  Andra's friend said that when you are sick, it's really important to share the experience with a friend who cares about you, so that you have the support you need in a difficult time.  It felt really warm inside of the salon today, even though cold, wintery winds blew outside.

We all wore *pink*.
Even Andra's hair was pink before she shaved it off!

My role?  I delivered Andra her dream cupcakes----Pink Strawberry Margarita Flavored!
With a surprise juicy strawberry in the middle of each cuppycake.

All donations went to the Susan G Komen foundation.
To make a more personal connection, Andra gathered donations for her friend as well.

It was a very teary eyed and sweet event for all~and for different reasons.

I had three different reasons to donate my sweetness~my Mom, my Aunt Rachel, and my brave friend Andra.  What would your reason(s) be?

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