Monday, October 11, 2010

The Kati!

I started a new promo this month for my cupcakes.

I am naming each of them after my beloved Amanda Cupcake Fans.
The key:  Tell me your DREAM CUPCAKE and I will make your cupcake dream a reality.

Not only you will receive one free "dream" cupcake from Amanda Cupcake (and yes I do ship them within the United States), but that cupcake flavor will be foreverly named after you! Just wait until I open up an official bakery and your name will be listed on the menu :)

I started this week with a cupcake called "The Kati." (Named after a friend who I have known since high school). 

She described her dream cupcake like this: 
"White, fluffy, sparkly, lofty airy frosting to the sky"

Red Carpet please..for "The Kati" Cupcake:
(White Cake...and Vanilla as Vanilla can get Buttercream Frosting. Some are sprinkled with disco dust per Kati's request. YUM).


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