Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pupcakes for Tessa

Tessa is a sweet girl I met at my church.
She has one of the happiest and brightest spirits I have seen in a little girl.
I realized what a big heart she has when she ran up to hug me the day after we had just met.

Tessa's birthday was this last Sunday, and her heart came out through the spirit of her birthday party.
Instead of receiving gifts, she decided that all of her party guests should bring gifts for the animals at the local animal shelter! She brought the gifts to the animal shelter and bonded with the little doggies later in the day.

In the joy of Tessa and the doggies, I created pupcakes that were 100% edible---from the cake, to the eyeballs, the jellybean nose, the sparkly ears, and the muzzle!

Pug with M&M eyeballs and a Starburst tongue. :)


Bulldog with caramel muzzle!

Hello! Happy to see you.

Peanut Butter Bone

Sooo intimidating ;)

Chocolate Lab with Tootsie Roll Ears

Chihuahas with glittery ears!

This Westie wants some *Love*.

I enjoy this picture because they look like they are having a conversation ♥

Disco Daschund

Swirls of Adorable

Fruit by The Foot bow

These guys look like they are ready to party!

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