Monday, June 20, 2011

Cupcakes are Fashion.

To me, cupcakes are fashion.  I've lived in the big city of Los Angeles and worked in the fashion industry.

I've traveled to Paris for inspiration..twice. And I want to go back.  I ate a ton of pasta & gelato in Milan, Italy.  I drank wine and watched the boys who weren't afraid to wear loud colored pants and carry man purses.  I went crazy shopping at the night markets in the wee hours in Hong Kong.  I've even given myself a facial in the famous Blue Lagoon.  Now I am back in Wisconsin living near family, kind of navigating where my life is going next.

And I believe that my passion for all things fashion comes alive in my cupcakes.  I really do truly believe that cupcakes are my calling. They allow me to design something so meaningful that you can *taste* it!

I remember when I was a little girl I used to draw pictures of women in clothing for hours upon hours. I dreamed of being a fashionista. I made magazines for my friends and handed them out in school.  I wore things that most people laughed at.  I even remember people telling me one day in junior high that it looked like I was wearing a tablecloth.  But it was a tie-dye shirt that my mom used to wear back in the 70s. I felt inspired. ♥ That's all that mattered to me. Maybe it did look like a tablecloth. But I was 12, and I was trying to find my niche.

I just stumbled upon one of my fashion drawings from back in the day........
and although somewhat embarrassing..I guess I can share!
I think I drew this when I was like eight. (It was the late eighties!)

So now to back up my theory of cupcakes as fashion:
New York Couture sells some really fun cupcake fashion.

Judith Lieber Cupcake Clutch. ♥

My favorite designer. ♥ My inspiration for all things fashion.

I want a cupcake dress.

I want to know who made this peacock cupcake that is all over the internet. I wish I could say I made it!

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At July 3, 2013 at 2:12 PM , Blogger RobynHTV said...

I had to find the peacock cupcake source for an article I'm writing for CraftFail. If you still care to know, I believe it was made by this bakery:!cakes/albumphotos0=8

Thank you for being one of the few sites I found with this photo that admits not having made it yourself! ;) Have a great day!


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