Friday, June 10, 2011

Dan Woolf: Photographer Extraordinaire

I love photo shoots. Back in the day, when I was a teeny-bopper I used to dabble in modeling.  I even met with a few modeling agencies (that never ended up making me famous - oh well).

My cupcakes are now my supermodels, and I am happy with that!

I was introduced to this really "rad" photographer (as he would phrase it) Dan Woolf recently.

I brought about 40 cupcakes over to his house in trade for a fun cupcake photo shoot.

I loved his whole family.  His wife welcomed me with the most delicious chocolate chip cookies (I want the recipe!).  His kids were the sweetest.  His entire family has this magnetic persona that made me instantly comfortable. 

We had a great time taking photos of my cupcakes, and even I had a chance to be a supermodel for the night with my recently dyed *bright red* hair. 

I've always thought of my cupcakes as the "Lady Gaga" of the cupcake world.
(You know, kind of fearless, vibrant, energetic, unusual).

But Dan told me that I am kind of like the "Imogen Heap" of cupcakes.  I love that singer and her heavenly voice much more than Gaga.  (To me Imogen Heap is alluring, creative, addicting, a bright color in the midst of many greys).

One of my friends complimented me on one of Dan's photos, and she described it best: 
"Love the soul and the passion shown through your eyes.  The photographer did a great job!"

He brings *life* to the people...or the cupcakes...behind the lens. Even more life than what was already there.

This is my typical Amanda smile/persona.

I twirl my hair when I am nervous.

I really enjoy the nerd glasses once in awhile.

The cupcakes:

My Fauxstess Cupcakes. ♥ Filled with Love.

Tattoo Cupcakes Inspired by Dan's tattoo.

(this is his tattoo, dedicated to his mom). ♥

My Dr. Seuss-esque Strawberry Margarita Cupcakes

Salted Caramel Beauties.

Chocolate Cherry Red Velvet  Divines.

Adorable and Beautiful Cupcake Kaleidoscopes.

Just a taste of Dan's adorable household & a specialty he has-taking captivating pictures of kids & people. ♥

Click here to join Dan in his fun photography adventures:  Dan Woolf Photography Blog 

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