Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flaming Strawberry Cupcakes

Part of being a hopeless romantic means that I love celebrating life, and dreaming of things others might think impossible.

If I could make everyday some kind of a special holiday, I would.


Yesterday, it was Valentines Day.  I am nowhere near Anti-Valentine's Day.  I enjoy that there is a day we can loudly proclaim we are celebrating loving each other.

The cupcakes I baked on my own little Valentine's Day Eve celebration were intense. An affair to remember, really.

I took a risk playing with fire, but if you don't take risks, you might never experience something truly amazing. ♥

The Lovers:
Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes. Oh my.
And You.

The Matchmakers:
Strawberries, Carved out in the center.
Bacardi 151, poured into the strawberry centers.

Have they ever warned you about that "bad boy" you just couldn't resist? Sigh.

I didn't heed any warnings.
I poured  a small amount of Bacardi 151 into the strawberries, and used a match to light the Bacardi on the inside of the strawberry. 

I love love love how the little blue flames look like bubbles from this angle. The beautiful blue flame burned for about a minute.  All I was left with was a delicious chocolate cupcake, and a memory of what once was.
So I ate the cupcake.
And I knew this magical experience was worth the risk.

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