Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ice Cream Cupcakes ♥

This is my quote for the summer because...
I love ice cream.
I am one of those people that will sneak a big spoon of ice cream out of the carton from the freezer.  And then I can't get enough so I'll walk back and do it again.

And this week has been one of the hottest that I can remember. I have to chart this on my blog because I swear the temperatures here in Wisconsin and east of here are going to go down in history.

If you can't stand the heat..
make ice cream cupcakes.
That's what I did!
Not cupcakes inspired by ice cream.
Cupcakes made with ice cream. ♥

The bottom layer is: Crushed Oreo Cookies
The second to bottom layer: Red Velvet Cake Pop Blend (Red Velvet Cake Crumbled up and Mixed with Frosting)
The third to bottom layer: A Scoop of Ice Cream
A mini layer of red velvet cake pop blend in between.

The top layers:  Whipped Frosting, Cream Cheese Frosting. Chocolate Ganache. ♥

An Ice Cream Cupcake Variety Pack.  Some are topped with Spoons (inspired by my sneaky trips to the freezer for ice cream!)  And others with sugar cone cupcake toppers!

I'd like to do more with my ice cream cone cupcakes. Just completely go over the top. Like accessorize them with the deliciousness you find at an ice cream bar. Think gummy bears, cookie dough bits, reeses peanut butter cups, you name it.  I'll do that next. An "ice cream bar" cupcake.

A hint for making the sugar cone cupcake toppers:  Cut the sugar cone in half with a serrated knife and it will turn your sugar cone into a mini sugar cone.  A much better size for a cupcake topper. ♥

To make your own ice cream cupcakes:
(My recipe was adapted from a segment on Fox 11 Living With Amy from the WI Milk Marketing Board)

You will need:
One Cupcake Pan
12 Cupcake Liners
Ice Cream (any flavor you wish)
One Ice Cream Scoop
Oreo Cookies, Crumbled Up
Your favorite cupcakes-baked, crumbled and mushed up with frosting so that they are the texture of play-doh. I used red velvet.

Accessories:  Maraschino Cherries, Sugar Cones, Sprinkles, Gummy Bears...Oreo Cookies..Mini Wooden Spoons....Delicious Dreams Come True..

1.  Place 12 Cupcake Liners in your Cupcake Pan.
2.  Sprinkle Crumbled up Oreos in the bottom of your cupcake liners.
3.  Next, "pack" your cake pop blend on top of the cookie crumbles. It should stick since it is sticky like play-doh.
4.  Use an Ice Cream Scoop to scoop some ice cream on top of this.
5.  Freeze for at least an hour, or until your cupcake is firm enough that it won't fall apart/melt when you eat it right away. I like that you have to freeze these cupcakes instead of baking them ♥
6.  Quickly (before your cupcake melts) - top it with whipped cream frosting (see recipe below).  At this point you can either choose to freeze this again for another hour..or you can let the whip cream stay soft.
7.  Using a frosting tip, swirl on cream cheese frosting.
8.  Now you can add anything your heart desires-think of what you love to add to your ice cream treat!  I added maraschino cherries, edible glitter, sugar cones, sprinkles, chocolate ganache or chocolate syrup!

Simple..but Wonderful...Whipped Cream frosting:

8 oz Cream Cheese
1/2 Cup Fine Baking Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla
1 tsp Almond
2 Cups Heavy Cream

1.  In your stand mixer, combine Cream Cheese and Sugar until fluffy.
2.  Gradually add Vanilla, Almond and Heavy Cream.
3.  Whip at a high speed until you see stiff peaks form, scraping the bowl in between to make sure all ingredients are blended evenly. ♥

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At July 7, 2012 at 10:01 AM , Blogger Sara said...

Amanda, I'm always so impressed with your creativity, another amazing cupcake!

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