Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Animal Cupcake Entourage♥

I may not be as classic as Little Debbie yet.
And no, I'm not a  fairy tale princess who has talented woodland friends.
...Someday I'd love to travel the world and sign my own recipe books but I am not followed like Lady Gaga by the paparazzi. ♥

But I have been entertained by an adorable entourage of my own.

Animal Cupcakes.

I couldn't help but laugh while I was making the beavers. The tail is a nutter butter cookie.The ears are chocolate m&ms.  The nose is a heart shaped runt, and the teeth are pieces of Trident gum.  I used an edible ink marker to draw the center line down the piece of gum!

Some of them even wore black top hats.  I laughed when one of my facebook cupcake friends said that if the beaver cupcakes could speak, they'd speak in an English accent ♥

A Hereford Cow Cupcake Entourage. Would not be complete with out a mud pie ♥. (it's chocolate frosting)...

A Hereford Cow Variety Pack.
I made the cupcake toppers out of Oreos. Anything you dream of..you can fit on an Oreo. Even something as big as a cow!  That's my philosophy.

Do you remember the frogs with green m&m eyes? 

Or my ladybug cake pops with heart shaped lips and glittery red cheeks♥
I'm starting to think of....an Amanda Cupcake parade!

I made these chocolate peanut butter deer cupcakes for an avid taxidermist.  After seeing and then eating cute deer cupcakes he might feel too guilty and retire from taxidermy, don't you think?! ♥

The antlers are pretzel sticks I broke apart and "glued" together with candy melts.  Their noses are peanut butter candy melts.  I couldn't resist piping  on a little peanut butter frosting tail.

..and yes.. there's even a random one with a red nose. You know who that is, don't you?

More of my entourage...
Vanilla Almond Owl Cupcakes.
With Almond Feathers and Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds around the eyes ♥ Cashews for the Noses. Lifesaver Eyes.

An owl cupcake variety pack!
M&Ms & Peanut Butter Candy Melt Eyes.
Sunflower Seeds used for the noses or feathers.
Edible Glitter.
Of course.

The "Diva" in my cupcake entourage:
Peacock ♥ Cupcakes.
They made an appearance at a wedding shower.

..In my cupcake world, this is what a peacock looks like when getting all dressed up for an event as special as a bridal shower!

VIP Peacocks.

My not-so-secret ingredient I added to all of my animal entourage cupcakes:  Laughter. ♥

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At August 14, 2012 at 8:06 PM , Blogger abby larock said...

I absolutely LOVE them. My favorite are the owls

At August 21, 2012 at 2:31 PM , Blogger Mamun said...

Very nice post. I not only discovered your blog, I feel like I 'got to know you'. Good luck in the challenge.



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