Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One Girl and A Cupcake Shoppe ♥

I just celebrated a year at the Cupcake Mansion in New London.
I even invited a unicorn.

Plus 300 people standing underneath a sparkly ceiling buying cupcakes. a small farmhouse that I named The Cupcake Mansion a year ago.
In the same week as my Cupcake Mansion celebration..I started selling cupcakes at Woodmans (one of the biggest most awesome grocery stores in Wisconsin).  My first big box retailer.  What an honor.  We sold out in 2 days the first week! ♥ (this is me and one of my sidekicks, Katarina at Woodmans demo-ing our product).

Everything seems like a big blur, and when I look back at myself a year ago..
I see myself as an artist. A baby.
Now I see myself as an artist and a business woman. ♥
I wonder who I'll be this time next year?

At my grand opening party, my dream was to run a cupcake fashion show.
Every model dressed up like a different version of  (me) Amanda Cupcake.
There was..Lucille Ball Cupcake, Unicorn Amanda Cupcake, Rainbow Brite Amanda Cupcake, Zombie Amanda Cupcake, Cupcake Superhero Amanda Cupcake, Business Amanda Cupcake, Betsey Johnson (fashion designer) Amanda Cupcake...the list goes on ♥

But I have to be honest here.
This model... defined the true Amanda Cupcake at this moment in my career.
We named her "At Night Baking Amanda Cupcake."
Amanda Cupcake's true identity revealed.
Frosting, candy melts, flour caked onto jeans.
Glitter or frosting on my face and in my hair.
Half asleep from working so hard..
but still happy & satisfied, because creating is everything ♥
Even if it means you have to sacrifice to turn a dream into a living!
When the model blew powdered sugar at the audience, tears welled up in my eyes.  To me it was more than just a funny and fun fashion show.  The fashion show was my story, unfolding in action before my eyes.  

In the past year..
I've made so many wishes.
(and I'm making one in this picture as I blow the sprinkles!)

I've made many mistakes but they've made me an amazing problem solver.
I've shed tears in my own cupcake batter trying to resolve them!
I've gained about 15 lbs, sigh :)
I've accepted peacefully that while the rest of the world is out partying on a Saturday night, I'm at home enjoying a bubble bath, a glass of wine, or a snooze.
I've experienced more love than I ever have!
...and sadly I've managed to figure out how to handle the criticism of haters too.
And while I am on this divine cupcake rollercoaster..
I'm gonna keep the faith♥.

That's my recipe for you in this blog entry.
It may not fill your tummy, but I hope it fills your heart.
Thank you all for your support in the past year.
Let's show everyone that cupcakes can change the world.
Perhaps a cupcake is a path to World Peace?!
quote by Kurt Vonnegut ♥
Photos by Maison Meredith Photography & Tommy Trout Photo

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At November 7, 2013 at 9:19 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Awesome!!! Here's to many years ahead!!!

At November 7, 2013 at 2:42 PM , Blogger jhi29 said...

OH Amanda! Everything you touch turns to sweet, sweet glittery goodness!
I'm so happy and proud of all you've accomplished, not just in the past year of crazy-awesome expansion. You really are a star.

At December 18, 2013 at 9:34 AM , Blogger Clint Shaff said...

Glad to hear that you made another first the same time you celebrated the business’ anniversary! Just keep doing it. Reinvent and always have something new to offer. Don’t let all the business practices take away the fun of your cupcake trade. I think the cupcake-themed fashion show would be awesome! I have your back on that. ;D Clint@Franchise Match


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