Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cowboy "Woody" Cupcakes!

First of all..can I just say that finding anything "cake decorating" involving Woody from Toy Story is pretty much impossible? Unless of course you want the cupcakes to look like you could buy them from the grocery store..which is not what I (Amanda Cupcake) am all about.  (You know, buying the little already made sugar decorations or flags on toothpicks..)
How I got inspired for a little (but growing quickly) boy named Isaac's cowboy themed birthday:

1.  Isaac's mom~Leah was throwing Isaac a cowboy themed birthday party. She said that Isaac loved Woody from Toy Story, so of course I wanted to make Isaac's cupcake dreams come true..

2.  Watched Toy Story 3. Laughed, Cried, Loved it. Felt inspired.

3.  Looked online for Woody stuff..templates..molds..anything? I found a Buzz Lightyear cookie cutter for $99! I think not ;) Besides, Buzz wasn't the man I was looking for!

4. Studied Woody's clothing and whole look.

And this is what I ended up making with my own two (very clean) hands!
 Cow Prints & Bandanas to match Woody's clothes :)

 Plaid Prints to match Woody's shirts, chocolate cowboy boots,
 fondant cowboy hats, fondant sheriff badges!

 I made chocolate cowboy hats for some of the cupcakes :)

 Woody's face out of fondant..

Clouds to match the Toy Story Theme!
And this is the whole ensemble....
p.s. the cupcakes were chocolate with a secret m&m inside the middle to surprise & delight the little ones!

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At April 1, 2012 at 7:56 AM , Anonymous shuswapcakes said...

I have been looking for some woody cupcake ideas - thanks for posting! :)


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