Monday, August 29, 2011


I have always believed in giving back just as much as you receive.
One thing in my life that I have been rich with is love from friends and family. ♥
I have discovered in owning a new business, sharing and giving my cupcakes for the right cause is just as important as selling my cupcakes.

This last week I decided to give some cupcake love away. Just because.
Just because is a pretty good cause, right?

You can see the announcement for the giveaway here with all the cupcake rules & love given.

I drew the entered names at and drum roll are the winners!

Winner of 1 Dozen Cake Pops:
Congrats to Denise Szelagowski! 

Winner of Amanda Cupcake tee:
Congrats to Brittany A !

Please email me with your mailing addresses and I will send out your surprise packages in the mail!
Click here to email me.

Congrats to the winners, and love right back to all of you.
If I could send the whole world free cake pops, I would.

Maybe when I am a seriously rich & famous cupcake maven, (you the Oprah of Cupcakes or Willy Wonka & his surprise chocolate bar!) that's how I'll find world peace. By randomly sending delicious parcels to your mailbox. ♥

Until then..spontaneous cupcake giveaways!

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