Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fed Ex Destroyed My Cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just spent $122.00 out of the kindness of my heart Fed Exing these lovely cupcakes to my mom so that she could make some money out of them at her rummage sale in Wisconsin.  There were a few cupcakes for my one year old nephew Griffin and my three year old niece Gaia that I custom made.

I ordered two day delivery, and wrote arrows pointing up all over the box. I also wrote:
"Do not tip upside down."
"This Side Up."

I packed them tight to ensure nothing bad would happen to them.

Unfortunately when my mom received the cupcakes they were melted, demolished and tipped upside down.
She couldn't even tell that the cupcakes may have been beautiful at one time.
On top of that, Fed Ex must have stored the cupcakes in a really warm place because she said that one of the cupcakes had turned really hard, stale and didn't taste good.
The upside: the remaining cupcakes tasted good.

The other upside: I took BEFORE photos.

So here mom..this is what your cupcakes looked like before Fed Ex ruined them!
Fed Ex is a cupcake downer. Psh. They need a spoonful of sugar.


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