Friday, February 11, 2011

IceCream for Cupcakes!!

You scream I scream we all scream for Cupcakes!
I seem to have found a knack for making cupcakes that resemble ice cream cones.
Inspired by: Bakerella!
People love them.  They are most loved in the middle of winter.
On one of the coldest days ever, I made some ice cream cupcakes which were devoured practically the second I delivered them!

at the OC Cupcake Showdown, in over my head with ice cream cone cupcake paparazzi!

You can use just about anything for the toppings.
Melt some candy wafers on top of your
cupcake ball to make it look like real ice cream!
Quickly, before it dries add sprinkles, stars, sparkles,
dried banana, or even a gumdrop that resembles a cherry!
Stack a few cupcake balls on top of eachother to resemble "scoops" of ice cream!

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