Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Enchanted Valley B&B Cupcakes

Marcia and Ken own a Bed & Breakfast. 
"The Enchanted Valley" in Cross Plains, Wisconsin.
At times I honestly believed this husband & wife duo were angels and not real humans.
Every time I visited their B&B I felt like I was off in some other dimension.
A soothing and peaceful dimension where time didn't matter.
A place where it is ok to get lost in billowy down comforters, pour too much syrup on my french toast, and not be afraid of encountering the silence.

Marcia has this sweet, soft voice and makes me feel like I am a goddess. She always leaves handwritten notes for me upon my arrival to the B&B. (One of my most favorite touches and what I remember as my first "impression." I am all about handwritten notes). ♥

Ken lets out this unforgettable charming chuckle when we have enlightening conversations on the patio over breakfast in the morning.  He always has a sparkle in his eye and a soothing grin to show you that he is interested in what you have to say. 

The angelic duo harvest everything from their land.  My favorite "Ken & Marcia" edible delight is fresh jelly from the jar. And yes, again, the french toast.

When I was visiting a few weeks ago, I helped Marcia squeeze grapefruit with her juicer.
The best juice ever.  I am adding juicer to my wish list of many things!
So simple I know.. but will add much joy to my life. ♥

Ken was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago.  It hasn't changed his passion for life, or his drive to do many more things outside in his garden of "enchantment." 
I wanted to go visit Marcia & Ken, to kind of be their angel in return.
And I brought my "healing" cupcakes of love with me of course.

I can't think of any other better name than the "Enchanted Valley" cupcakes.

I found the recipe in my new favorite book-Cake Love.
I thought banana cupcakes are perfect for a B&B.
If you want to have cupcakes for breakfast, I think these just might be perfect.

Marcia was eating the frosting off of the cupcake and said that "the frosting was so good, it tastes like it is part of the cake." ♥

I played with the CakeLove Mr. Banana Legs cake recipe and it beats all the other banana cupcake recipes I have ever experimented with.  I've played around a lot with banana bread recipes, trying to make them into cupcakes. They were kind of unpredictable though, and turned out more bread-esque, too heavy, or soggier than a cupcake.

But this CakeLove recipe by far topped them all.  Banana bread is in an amazing class by itself of course. But this became my banana cupcake staple of course! 

The Amanda Cupcake flair, I used a big round tip on my pastry big to create "angelic cream cheese frosting swirls."

I love how heavenly the pale yellow disco dust looks as a garnish.

♥ cupcake liners with inspirational messages.

Very dreamy, reminds me of the very cozy bed I sink into at The Enchanted Valley.

I added a layer of chocolate ganache in between the cake and the frosting swirl.

♥I truly believe that these cupcakes had slight healing powers♥

Dried bananas are always fancy and fun to add to cupcakes.
They don't turn funky colors or go soft and they are fun to eat.
Or you can use them to scoop every ounce of frosting off of your cupcake!

Found in my B&B bedroom, a few quotes to live by. ♥

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