Saturday, May 28, 2011

Covered in Chocolate and a Miracle Or Two..

My friend Caroline Cakewise (so jealous of her name btw!) at Sparkles & Crumbs blog inspired this little passage. She is my friend over in England who posts delicious blogs that fill my spirit with joy.
Click here to read her blog passage that thus inspired my blog below. :) You might just get addicted and need your fix on a regular basis:
Sparkles & Crumbs

I have always enjoyed taking photos of multiple, brightly colored things. Especially yummy things.
I was in the Party City store not that long ago, and to my delight there was an entire row of HAPPY CHEERFUL COLORFUL and BRIGHT candy! 

One of the employees asked me what I was doing as I snapped away on my "sweet" random photo shoot.
♥  Hopefully my story inspired her to look at candy as so much more than just.....sugar.

This was me that day.

Cake Pops I created inspired by the Lemonheads.
"When Life Gives you Lemons, make Cake Pops."

My bright red cherry chocolate cake pop inspired by the joy of candy.

How many licks does it take to get to the center?
Obviously not very many. :)
♥ my sweet friend Jeremy.

Golden Amanda Cupcake Cake Pops.

Who can take a sunrise,

Sprinkle it with dew?

Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two

The candyman, the candyman can,

The candyman can 'cause he mixes it with love

and makes the world taste good

Who can take a rainbow,

Wrap it in a sigh?

Soak it in the sun and make the strawberry lemon pie

The candyman? The candyman can

The candyman can 'cause he mixes it with love

and makes the world taste good

The Candyman makes

everything he bakes

Satisfying and delicious.

Talk about your childhood wishes.

You can even eat the dishes!

Who can take tomorrow,

Dip it in a dream?

Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream,

The candyman? The Candyman can, the candyman can

The candyman can 'cause he mixes it with love

and makes the world taste good

And the world tastes good

'cause the candyman thinks it should

My philosophy in one cutesy little song.
I think if I had a cupcake mobile it would play this.
Except I would have to be the female version of the candyman.
And I would definitely be prettier than the candyman.
Wearing a dress that looks like a cupcake.
Bright happy lipstick on my lips.
Delicious deliveries to be made.
To make the world smile.

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At May 30, 2011 at 12:59 PM , Blogger Lexi said...

*squeals* LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lemonhead Cake Pops.


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