Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Little S'more Sparklette is a Celebrity!

Something very exciting happened to me today.
The week before the weekend of my birthday!!!!!
Happy Birthday to me.

Something I have been waiting for for a very long time!

Anyone ever heard of Cupcakes Take The Cake?
I have been following this blog since before I started my cupcake business.
My friend and I used to look on their website for inspiration whenever I would receive a cupcake order, or even want to make cupcakes on the side for some friends in the office.

It was my dream for them to blog about me someday.

And it happened today!

Cupcakes Take The Cake blogged about my S'mores cupcake and this is one of my most favorite things that they said:  "How much would I love to be taking a gooey, messy, delicious bite of this glittery, gorgeous s'mores cupcake right now? I would fight for it."

Here's the link to the blog:  I would fight for this glittery cupcake oozing with chocolate marshmallow goodness!

And since I have received a few requests for the recipe, I will be posting a separate blog a bit later with the recipe! So keep your eyes peeled! It will be early next week, so that you can have time to make some in time for the 4th of July ♥ The absolute best time for a S'more, I think!

Until then, a few yummy teasers.....

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