Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gnome Cupcake Wonderland

I have big dreams, and a ginormous imagination.

Can't you tell by this birthday gnome cupcake wonderland I baked, dipped and swirled?
Last week Saturday, I was a vendor at Indie Wed Chicago. 
I answered some majorly serious questions from cupcake observers:
"Can you make me unicorn cupcakes?" 
"Can you eat the glitter on that cupcake?"
"Is that a S'more in cupcake form?"
..I even heard..
"You remind me of a girl Willy Wonka."
"I love your pink tutu."

Years ago, a friend asked me what my superhero power would be. I waited a few days to respond to his email.  I wanted to come up with the perfect response. I never got to tell him. He passed away unexpectedly.
I hope that he is able to see now that I've discovered it.

The "S" on my chest..should be a cupcake!

This picture explains why. My friend Cassie took this photo after receiving the gnome cupcake wonderland I made for her.  She played with the cupcakes before eating them! ♥

I think it's true that the "child" in you that likes to *play*.. is the real YOU.

I'm happy that my cupcakes are a way to revive that!
Can you imagine walking through a forest, picking a pink sparkly mushroom with green dots on it?

 And you are suddenly really hungry because the mushroom smells like the cupcake of your dreams?♥

 Bearded Frosting Gnome Hi-Hats.
You can eat the frosting beards right off the cupcake.
And the hat is a crunchy candy melt delight.

 Hats made out of sugar cones and dipped in pink candy melts.  Sparkly soft grassy frosting swirls. ♥
Happy gnomes. Grumpy gnomes. Hiding Gnomes. Lost gnomes.

..If you only knew their heads used to be basic faceless cake pops, dyed with a combination of pink, yellow, and white candy color gel.

One of my biggest rules:  Play with your food before eating it.

I do all the time..

And look at the outcome! 

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