Monday, September 19, 2011

Sending Peace and Love. In the form of a Cupcake.

I always wanted to make this huge difference in my time here on earth.
I wanted to travel to Thailand on a missions trip, or cuddle orphans in other countries.
Not saying that I won't do these things one day.

But it seems that I make a difference with cupcakes more than anything else.
Especially my cupcake kaleidoscopes.
Because I can ship them anywhere.

It is basically all this baked love & goodness...

inside of a jar.
I know people make cupcakes in a jar all the time.

But I call mine Cupcake Kaleidoscopes.
Because they are more special than just a cupcake inside of a jar.
(Like these smiling Oreo Cupcake Kaleidoscopes!)

They are pretty on the outside. I make sure of it.
By adding sprinkles, dots, color.
Glittery Heart Notes and Sparkly Ribbon.

By showing the delicious texture of food and frosting and sugar.
The spoon is an added bonus-it is your grant to dig in as quickly as you can.

Sometimes I add bacon.
and maple frosting.

Other times I just add the things that remind  me of being a kid.
I figure they'll remind you of that too, and that can only mean authentic happy-ness. If even for a moment.

I've even added a tie instead of the ribbon for a Father's Day Gift

Complete with Jelly Beans..Because Dads love Jelly Beans.

I recently sent some cupcake kaleidoscopes to my friend Carolyn of Network Fitness in California. She used to be my amazing cross fit trainer in Cali until I moved back to Wisconsin. Now it seems I am tempting her with naughty delightful goodies.  She used to tempt me with the allure of having six pack abs! But it wasn't just tempting. She made me work at it. I still can't find anyone to replace our workouts.

So cheers to you Carolyn..
time to indulge in some sinfully great buttery sugary mmmmmmmmmm.

This is one of the kaleidoscopes I sent to her.

She and her husband Jeff (who are the cutest couple ever) made a video of Carolyn opening her birthday gift! She okayed me to put it here on my blog. I absolutely had to!

It just proves that in some small way (or maybe big..depending on how you look at it)
I am making a difference ♥ through deliciousness!
Not necessarily in the way that I predicted I would.
But somehow this "way" ends up being very true to me...and I couldn't be happier with it.

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