Monday, September 5, 2011

Cupcakes for an Architect!

The one thing about moving back to Wisconsin is that I have reunited with a lot of people from my past..through my cupcake creations!

This order was a cupcake reunion. For Nathan.
The last time I saw him, I was in high school.
And I never actually saw him, but my cupcakes did. His mom delivered them to him upon his return visit home from Minneapolis.  I hope he loved them.

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Nathan is an architect now.
I think it is kind of neat that he took a break from building..while I built him swirls & swirls of deliciousness on top of cupcakes.

I used his architect background as inspiration for the cupcakes.  These are red velvet cupcakes, topped with brown/red frosting to look like cherry colored wood.  The "wood chip" sculptures are made out of layered white/dark chocolate. 

Dark Cherry Wood with a Cherry On Top!

Nathan also requested carrot cupcakes.

For the carrot cupcakes, I created classy looking chocolate wood "tabletops". I thought I'd go the extra mile and add a birthday candle on top!

His name is balancing on a cupcake skyscraper. ♥ It's all yummy. Imagine...your name written in the sky with chocolate?  That's something out of a daydream.

I made the contemporary wood grain table sculptures by using a paintbrush to paint  a thin block of melted dark chocolate onto parchment paper, then freezing the 1st layer of chocolate.  (The brush will create the rough woodgrain texture).

Once the dark chocolate was frozen, I poured a thin layer of white chocolate over the dark chocolate and froze the layers of chocolate again.

Once I froze the chocolate, I used a round cookie cutter to cut my wooden table tops.. and this is how they ended up! I broke some of them up into moon shapes and wave shapes for the chocolate wooden cupcake toppers!

So..Nathan is an architect for buildings.
And I guess I am an architect for cupcakes.
..and perhaps a frosting architect?

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