Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Cake Pop Christmas.

My dad & I build cake pop towers..sparkly ones!

I will never forget when my dad showed me his sparkly fingernail after working hours on a beautiful cake pop tower.  The sparkly glue was stuck on his fingernail for days. ♥ Only a real man can walk around for a week with a sparkly fingernail!

This week my dad and I worked as a team to make 510 cake pops and cake pop towers for Red Shoes PR in Appleton.

♥ A true work of love.
Distributed all around as a Christmas gift from Red Shoes PR to their clients in Appleton.  And they picked me, Amanda Cupcake as their Cake Pop Santa!? ♥

 People always say my creations look "Dr. Seuss-esque" , and Red Shoes PR was another to tell me this! So naturally, they requested something right out of a children's book. ♥  It's funny, because Dr. Suess has been my role model for life.  Not only in creating, but I love the whimsical yet deep way that he looked at everything.  Kids and adults everywhere can read his books and learn something ahhmazing.

Green: Red Velvet
Red: Chocolate
Brown: Eggless Cookie Dough
Tiffany Blue: Vanilla Mint

And of course, sparkles always taste amazing!

An entire Christmas tree, on a stick that is on sparkly cake pop tower.  That tastes like Whoville!

(this is Whoville).

I feel like I am there right now..

This is what happens when a father and a daughter have a vision!

What does this make you think of?

The Abominable Snowman perhaps?

Back to Whoville...

I molded the cake pop mixture into little cones.
First I made a cake pop ball.
 I rolled the ball into a pointed cone shape to resemble a tree.
Of course, endless sprinkles & stars, sparkles, and swirls of snow really bring the trees to life. ♥

Snowballs ♥
Vanilla Mint.
Should I write an edible storybook?

Cookie Dough Christmas Cake Pop Trees!

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At December 28, 2011 at 8:59 AM , Blogger Caroline Cakewise said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS, MS CUPCAKE!!! Sounds like you had an AMAZING time - so great you were able to work with your dad making your beautiful goodies! :) xxx


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