Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cupcakes with Anastasia

Her friends & family call her Ana for short. But her full name is Anastasia.
I made her cupcakes for her 13th birthday.
The twirly swirly tie-dye ones that you can see if you click here.
She is a creative dreamer, with lots of hopes and plans for her future.
One of them.. is being a baker / cake designer.

I felt so honored when she asked me if I could help create the ultimate birthday cupcakes for her mom.

I showed her how to add her own special "flavor" to a cake mix.
She was in awe of my magical pink Kitchen Aid Mixer!
I shared some secrets of how puffy cupcakes are made!

We went crazy sprinkling sparkles!

Ana created this cupcake especially for her mom.
The ball on the bottom of the cupcake is a chocolate Whopper, covered in teal disco dust!
Ana thought of the sparkly Whopper.
Soon many more of our cupcakes would be topped with sparkly malted milk balls!
Most of the time, I let Ana do all of the playing...and decorating.
This baby cake was one of my contributions to the evening.♥

Ana's Chocolate Heart with Crushed Jolly Ranchers creates a *Be-Dazzled* Look!

Out of This World Milky Way Cupcake topped with a Sparkly Teal Whopper!
We coated the Whoppers with Chocolate candy..and dipped them in edible Disco Dust!
So much prettier than your average Malted Milk Ball.

One of Ana's favorite creations. ♥

Ana's top six favorite creations
ready to deliver to her mom.
Fabulous & Gorgeous & Decadent.

A few of my favorite things about the evening:

♥Her mom & I were friends when we were her age. I felt 13 again..and it was fun.
♥Her creative mind taught me some new ideas!
♥She told me that I must be one of those grown-ups who seem like a teenager on the inside!
♥It made me see that I really would love to teach more young ladies..and men cupcake skillz!

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