Friday, September 23, 2011


You know how I always say I am trying to create some kind of world peace by uniting cupcakes with pie? Well, crazy little me decided to take on the pie-cake-pie-cake combo this week.
I am going to call it the Amanda-pie.

I was talking to my new friend Bryon a few weeks ago when he ordered the cake for his parents Birthday/ Anniversary celebration.  He was thinking....Maybe something Fall-Esque. Maybe something with Apples in it.

I had my mind made up.
I had to merge cake and apple pie together the way that I do cupcakes.
(See my cupcake-pie combo here).
As risky as I knew this adventure was ..
it worked!

A three tier cake:  
Tier 1: Vanilla Bean Cake with an Apple Pie Baked on The Inside.
Tier 2:  A Thin Spice Cake
Tier 3: Repeate Tier 1.

I was inspired by the "Cherpumple" Cake♥


The lovely couple celebrating.

The theme of the cake definitely had to be..
Like a Fall Romance.
Like this mini Spice Cupcake that I baked separately & used as a cake topper...
disguising itself as a caramel apple!

  Complete with Donna and Bill's name in lights.
Or Pretty Sparkly Banners that catch the light at least.. ♥
A Fall Celebration on a cake!
Maybe like visiting an Apple Orchard, Partying, and Eating Cake in one room..with all the people that love you?

Since I am Amanda Cupcake I had to add cupcakes.
Spiced Cupcakes that look like caramel apples with romantic pretzel sticks as the "craft stick."
I even hid little cinnamon apple pieces inside the miniature cupcakes.

The banner says it all.
Happy Birthday.
Happy Anniversary.
Fall is In the Air. ♥

And yes..don't forget.
There are apple pies inside of this cake!

These are all the apple slices that I peeled.

And the pies that I baked from scratch.
(Ok, my pie beautifying skills aren't quite as lovely as my cake making skills. But I am determined to master it!) But for now..the pies were *delicious* and were going to blend right into the cake beautifully.

With some salted caramel buttercream frosting.
I actually received a round of applause when the cake was cut!

It must have been the apron.

Or perhaps it was the Amanda-pie. ♥


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At May 11, 2015 at 9:38 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It must have been the apron, this is note. :)

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At May 12, 2015 at 12:24 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

pies baked from scratch, very hot. ;D



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