Monday, November 7, 2011

Teaching The Girl Scouts Cupcake Classes!

I am starting to find my calling in the cupcake world..
Not only is it making delicious cupcakes for all to eat..
but I really really really enjoy demonstrating & teaching cupcake-ing skills!
This last Friday night I rented out the kitchen at Cronie's in Waupaca and taught my new Girl Scout friends how to decorate cupcakes, cake pops, and even how to stuff a marshmallow with cake!

We made rainbow stripe cupcakes.

The girls were completely speechless when they cut open their cupcakes to reveal a colorful surprise inside! All I heard were gasps of joy.

Their favorite cupcake accessory:  a blinged out M&M I added to the cupcake. ♥

The Girl Scouts said this cupcake looked like Lady Gaga and that it was their favorite.  I created this cupcake as inspiration for their creativity.

..and it was a success!

Look at all the beautiful cupcakes they decorated with very little help from me! Disco Cherries, Glittered Peanut Butter Cups, Sugar Melons, Colorful Sprinkles as garnishes. ♥

I told the girls that they should always be proud enough to take photos of their creations! So..this was our cupcake photo shoot.

They even earned a cupcake badge for taking the Amanda Cupcake class!

As you can see, the glitter was a fan favorite!
Glitter on the tongue! ♥

The blue splatters on the top of the rainbow cupcakes reminded us of watching clouds.. so we imagined up what shapes they looked like before we decorated the cupcakes! ♥

My piece of advice to the Girl Scouts: Stay Young at Heart.
Some of our Choice Words for the night: Glitterized and Magic.

This was one of the best ways I have ever spent a Friday night. ♥♥♥♥

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