Friday, December 9, 2011

16 Days Before Christmas: Sprinkling Holiday Sparkles All Over The World.

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When I was tiny, my mom told me that one of my gifts was generosity. She begged me to never ever let my gift of tender hearted generosity slip away, no matter where life took me.
I guess I started early..sharing a cake with my brother.  Frosting all over the place, that's nothing new for me!

At the beginning of this year, I thought I wanted to open a bakery. And it is still one of those things on my list that I could do..

but I have discovered that I enjoy sharing my ideas with the world more than anything else.  I love connecting with people more than I enjoy baking all alone in a kitchen dancing to Nikki Minaj by my lonesome on a Friday night.

This past weekend I taught my first Holiday Cupcake decorating class at Fox Valley Technical College in Clintonville ♥

I got a kick out of watching my students sprinkle sparkles all over their cupcakes.  Ta-daaa. The cupcakes I baked and decorated for their inspiration.

The Maraschino Cherry with edible disco dust is always a favorite.  I call it the "Disco Cherry."  Everyone left the class calling it the disco cherry too!!! I think I've started something..♥ Maybe I should jar these and sell them at the grocery store? 

Tip on creating a disco cherry:  Use a small paintbrush, dip it in vodka or some kind of alcohol based extract and then dip in your disco dust. Using your brush, paint the sparkles on the top of your cherry for a hologram-esque sparkle. The alcohol helps the glitter stick!

Aren't these cupcakes lovely?  A creation by one of my talented students!

I bring an autograph book to my class. ♥ The signatures prove that my cupcake sparkles are making a difference somehow in the world of cupcake-ing! I suggest you invest in an autograph book.  It invites the most interesting people into your life!

I also taught the class how to take a mini M&M and turn it into a piece of cupcake jewelry by painting disco dust on it with extract & a paintbrush.

I even threw in how to turn all this cupcake goodness into a cupcake kaleidoscope!


We had six hours of fun together last Saturday.
And I am sure there is glitter foreverly stuck in some cracks of the floor of FVTC Clintonville Regional Center kitchen.  Pour some glitter, make it rain.

A gallery of student work inspired by my teaching, and I love it all:

I've always believed in painting the world sweeter with frosting as my medium.  Don't worry mom, I've found the best possible medium to share my generosity too.


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